Welcome to The Wiltsey Way!!!

This is sooo much easier than trying to build a website!!!

The Wiltsey Way is on Facebook too at http://www.facebook.com/thewiltseyway ... please feel free to like the FB page so MY Admin Welcome Screen thingy will go away!!! Thanks!!!

I would like The Wiltsey Way to be the mecca of the Wiltsey family ... although I'm pretty sure that would be Cedar Rapids, Iowa!! LOL If this website can't be the Wiltsey family mecca it's gotta be the next best thing: a place for family members to do lots of different things. This is what I'm thinking of:

1. Research your own personal family tree
2. Update information on the Family Tree here on The Wiltsey Way
3. Use any of the provided links on the right sidebar to help with your research
4. Post pictures of ancestors
5. Tell family stories
6. Let us know of upcoming family events
7. and anything else you can think of

If you would like to add anything to the blog, just send me an email at thewiltseyway@gmail.com