08 June 2011

Pay Websites/Search Engines

I know in this economy the last thing anyone wants to spend money on is a genealogical website for what is most likely a hobby. This is how I get around that ... kinda ... sorta ...

My cousin has a subscription to Ancestry.com. He allows me access through his account. I can update any of the trees he's got and add new information as babies are born, marriages occur and relatives die. Easy peasy!!


Next ... everyone has a birthday ... whether you celebrate it or ignore it ... it's still there ... every year ... year after year ... why not get something out of it ... if you can afford it of course!!

For my birthday I get a subscription to a genealogy type website. I use it for that year and if I find that it has REALLY GOOD information, I use the heck out of it. The following year for my birthday I will probably get a subscription to another website.

BUT ... the website from the year before stays on my list of GREAT GENEALOGY WEBSITES. If I ever have any extra money (rarely) and the cost isn't too too bad I will get another subscription sometime in the future.


Now I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but there is also Hannukkah, Kwanzaa and probably a whole bunch of gift getting holidays that I'm missing.

If your holiday gift budget allows for you to get a full subscription to Ancestry.com go for it. It is $159.00 for a year or $89.00 for 6 months just to have access to the United States. To have access to Expand To The World it is $299.00 for a year or $169.00 for 6 months. No matter which subscription you get it is worth it as long as you use the heck out of it.

I haven't tried all the sites listed here but I will get to them eventually. I will post my findings as I use the sites.

If you have any questions regarding any of the sites I will help you the best I can. You can always find my email address AAAAAALLLLLLLL the way at the bottom of any page you are on.

Good searching everyone!!!

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